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As a dedicated member consultant, Melinda Rae knows how to communicate with clients. It could be her 25 + years of experience in the marketing and sales industry. Or, her authenticity and heart. Or, maybe it’s her sense of humor, love of life, and people? In any case, regardless of what “it” is – Melinda asks the RIGHT questions in order fully understand her client’s needs and create solutions that work.

She built a marketing company in the past and sold it in 2018 creating programs within that company that is still thriving today. She has a keen sense of business and contributes with a zest for life that is unmatched. She brings this experience with her to 828 and will continue to expand and grow.

Melinda Rae understands that much of life and business is all about expanding and transforming. Often times the key to success is being able to adapt to any given situation. To know that change is inevitable and will come, it is what one does with it that is important. That one can create, expand and grow.

As more than just another marketing company. Melinda wants to support you in accelerating your business’ growth and evolving into your full potential – with 828 Home Services serving as the strategic and creative force to get you there. Developing your Brand and offering Brand Consistency across multiple marketing modalities.

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Melinda Rae
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