8 Lead Generation Strategies for your Roofing Business

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8 Roofing Lead Generation Strategies

Effective roofing lead generation is the core foundation of any good business. Finding the right customer is always challenging, especially when we talk about the roofing business. Competition is high, and customers often don’t know how to recognize quality. With that in mind, here are eight lead generation strategies for your roofing marketing plan that have a high efficiency rate and get acquire more roofing leads!

1. Advertise your brand, not the business!

If you search for roofing companies, you will find many competitors in your area. Just by looking at the type of service, the customer will rely on two major factors:

  • the price;
  • how close the business is.

However, the fact that someone is close or cheap does not mean they will provide quality service. Your clients need to know that! Clients will see past the fundamental factors if you speak about your business from a brand perspective. They will understand the story behind your brand and the values you want to nurture and share.

If you connect with the clients on a more personal level and show them they are a part of your business family, you will be more likely to get quality leads.

2. Define key differentiators that help you to stand out among the competition

As we have already mentioned, competition is your main challenge. If all companies offer the same services, the customer will have difficulty deciding how to find the most qualified for the job. When that happens, they will resort to the first two factors mentioned in the previous section.

Look at your business. What makes you unique? If you compare your company with the three most prominent competitors, what makes you better than them?

Try to answer these questions honestly, and you will get your key differentiators. Maybe you have the most experience or a loyalty program. Perhaps you are best at a specific type of service.

3. Define your targeted audience

Once you understand what makes your business unique, you can define your targeted audience. Advertising everywhere is not a good strategy, especially if you are a startup company. That’s why knowing how to get roofing leads is so essential.

You need a system that will tell you how to rank your leads and only approach those with the highest chance of converting to paying, returning customers. Once you have your target market, it will be easier to talk to the right people.

4. Local SEO is the key to success

There are many different SEO strategies, but the most important one is local SEO. This is because your first customers are your closest customers. There is no point in advertising on the other side of town if you have a large neighborhood full of clients.

Local SEO is booming in 2022, primarily because of COVID-19. People don’t want to go out of the neighborhood when looking for services.

The best way to improve local SEO is to open a Google Business account. Furthermore, use local keywords that contain your business location. Finally, create shareable content and use social media to distribute it to your clients.

Furthermore, remember that SEO rules change all the time. To see how you are doing, you should do an SEO audit from time to time. Measuring SEO success is critical because it tells you if your strategy is working or not.

5. Create a landing page for your business

A good landing page will bring you many customers. In fact, it is much better to have a landing page than a whole website, especially for a roofing business. Landing pages go straight to the point, and there is no fear that clients will get lost on your website and lose interest.

Also, creating a landing page as a part of a website is a good strategy. You can use your website to advertise various services, implement a loyalty program, or run a blog. Free information is the best thing you can give to your clients.

6. Create business partnerships

Strategic partnerships are very efficient. You look for a company that shares the same group of customers with you and create a partnership connection. This way, you get their customers, and they get yours. For example, if you walk into a spa, you will see recommendations to purchase beauty products. If you walk into a beauty products store, you will see advertisements for local spa centers.

You could partner with other maintenance companies that fix different things around the house. You can also partner with house-cleaning companies, pest control companies, etc. Anyone working around homes or buildings can increase your pool of customers.

7. Ask your customers for online reviews

Online reviews mean a lot, especially when talking roofing lead generation. If someone reads about your business and sees a positive review, they are more likely to approach you. Even negative reviews can have a good impact on your business.

If someone was not satisfied with the level of your service and they write a bad review, you need to address it immediately. Fix their problem and ask if they can comment back. This conversation will show future clients that you don’t hide your wrongs but do all you can to make them a positive experience.

8. Word of mouth advertising

One of the best lead generation strategies for your roofing business is word of mouth. A satisfied client will not only come back, but they will also recommend you to their friends and family. There is no better way to advertise your business.

Stay close to your returning customers, and motivate them to refer you to those they know.

Best lead generation strategies for your roofing business – delivered!

And there you have it! These are eight of the best lead generation strategies for your roofing business. Try them all, mix and match until you get the best results. Remember that you cannot rush lead generation. Take your time, focus on your service and communication, and do your best to provide quality service and make a memorable experience for your customers.

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