10 HVAC Digital Marketing Tips & Strategies

HVAC Digital Marketing Tips

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10 HVAC Digital Marketing Tips & Strategies

The HVAC industry has seen its share of challenges in recent years, both in the US and across the world. Perhaps not as grave ones as those of others, but the pandemic did bring about unique circumstances. From digital marketing to everyday operations, HVAC businesses needed to adjust to new market realities.

If that’s the case for you, we’ve got you covered. At 828 Marketing and Web, grasping such opportunities in industry-specific ways is among our key areas of focus. So, here we’ve gathered 10 actionable tips and strategies that should give you some valuable inspiration and help you learn how to get more hvac leads.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

#1 Define your audience and target market

HVAC Marketing Strategies

First and foremost, regardless of your final strategies, budget, and even industry, it’s vital that you begin with a question. Who exactly are you targeting?

Defining your target market is the basis of all marketing endeavors, and HVAC doesn’t differ in that regard. If anything, it’s even more valuable for HVAC than many other industries. As GrandViewResearch finds, the HVAC market share is split almost equally among residential, commercial, and industrial.

For this step, revisit historical company data. Dig through your CRM software, your website heat maps, your social media platforms, and more to deduce who your ideal audience is.

#2 Polish your web design

Next, and still before delving into HVAC digital marketing, on the whole, take a careful look at your website. Can it convert your audiences?

Starting with boosting conversion rates through it, as later sections will cover the rest, there are ample ways to take advantage of your website and make it a conversion portal:

·        Make your navigation clear; minimize your navigation menus and options to keep audiences interested and on the road to conversions.

·        Mind your pages’ layout; prioritize your valuable offerings and CTAs to increase the likelihood of conversions.

·        Make your CTAs pop out; mind their color, shape, copy, font, and placement, making sure they stand out as much as possible.

·        Use white space; employ white space generously to let your texts, CTAs, and other page elements breathe and stand out.

·        Use exit intent popups; offer something valuable enough, and you might just convert another visitor.

#3 Focus on local SEO

With these fundamentals in order, as an HVAC business, you should likely prioritize another question; do you rely on local audiences?

Chances are high that you do. That’s quite logical even outside the industry, too, as E2M finds local business searches are increasingly frequent. The best way to enhance your local reach is to focus on your Local SEO strategies, including Google Business Profile (GBP, formerly Google My Business).

We’ve written a Google Business Profile guide you can consult at your leisure, but the basics are:

·        Create your GBP profile, or claim your listing if you have one; it’s free and easy.

·        Fill out your business information as accurately as possible.

·        Polish your profile with appealing visuals.

·        Use your profile to post engaging content; you can even cross-post social media content.

·        Encourage reviews and respond to them to build audience trust.

#4 Don’t neglect general Hvac SEO

For that matter, local SEO is only a subset of general SEO. To evaluate just how much your HVAC digital marketing tactics need SEO, ask yourself; do you value organic leads?

SEO seeks to make content more appealing to search engines. It caters to over 200 ranking factors to do so, as Backlinko finds. And while you can’t likely go after all of them, you can certainly start with a few crucial ones that best stress why SEO matters:

·        Keyword choices and keyword density. Your keywords should match your audiences’ search intent and not be stuffed throughout the text.

·        Loading speeds. Audiences and search engines value fast loading speeds, as Google finds – so keep your pages snappy and lightweight.

·        Backlinks. Acquiring inbound links from authoritative sources will boost your credibility, but keep your sights on the HVAC industry for maximum gains.

#5 Explore PPC

Next, PPC ads may also warrant some attention as they can enrich your HVAC digital marketing efforts by hyper-focusing on valuable audiences. However, can you budget for it?

The question isn’t rhetorical; you may very well be able to. You do need to be strategic about it, however, so you can start with the basics:

·        Pick your platforms. Google tends to be the better choice, but your audiences might reside elsewhere.

·        Review your keywords. Use your SEO keywords as a starting point, but remember negative keywords to maximize your ads’ focus.

·        Monitor conversions. If your ads are generating clicks but not conversions, that can burn a hole into your budget.

PPC too, and especially optimizing it, is quite a vast subject as well. So if you’d like to explore it in depth, please visit our article dedicated to using PPC ads to your advantage as a small business.

#6 Leverage social media

Combining free and paid channels, you can next consider social media. But before you market your business on Facebook or other safe juggernauts, ask yourself; where are your audiences?

An illustration of different social media icons on a mobile screen.

This crucial question is why knowing your audiences is so important. HVAC audiences do tend to reside on Facebook and Instagram, but your specific valuable segments might not.

So, as you engage in social media marketing, remember to:

·        Dive into your audience insights. Most social media platforms offer great integrated audience insights tools to identify and allure your audiences.

·        Post frequently and engage meaningfully. Fine-tune your content marketing strategies, and engage meaningfully with comments to begin building bonds.

·        Promote your website. Promote your website whenever relevant to drive conversions, as brand awareness alone will only do so much.

#7 Lean into video marketing

Speaking of appealing visuals, on social media or otherwise, you just can’t go wrong with video marketing. Writing for HubSpot, Wyzowl’s Adam Hayes agrees, finding its use rate has exploded from 61% in 2016 to 86% in 2021.

From SEO-minded content to GBP, emails, social media, and more, HVAC digital marketing can absolutely thrive on video marketing. We’ve shared video marketing tips for small businesses before, but here we can reiterate the basics with an industry focus:

·        Be informative. Audiences do like fancy, popping visuals, but HVAC audiences tend to value information-rich content.

·        Use audience input. From user-generated content to customer stories and reviews, few content types foster as much trust as user-centered content.

·        Use video content strategically. Creating video is only the first step; incorporate it meaningfully in product pages, landing pages, and wherever else it can serve a purpose.

#8 Manage your reputation

On the subject of trust, reputation management is arguably just as crucial as a proper promotion. You might be creating brand awareness, but does it come with positive connotations?

No matter who actually said first that “there’s no bad publicity”, that’s not true at all. Having audiences associate your brand with negative experiences can be destructive, and a bad reputation can ruin your conversion rates.

Among other practices outlined in our relevant article above, you can:

·        Keep an eye on your reputation, using tools you’re already using for HVAC digital marketing, like social listening tools.

·        Respond to negative reviews and comments, projecting professionalism as you swiftly and meaningfully respond to dissatisfied customers and audiences.

·        Engage with local communities, as great PR moves like sponsoring local events raise brand awareness, too.

#9 Optimize your conversion rates

How to get more HVAC leads

With all your proverbial ducks in a row, you can then begin optimizing conversion rates. Across the board, examine just how many of your leads actually convert.

Following the above illustration, conversion rate optimization tips should span across the entire conversion funnel:

·        Start with the top of the funnel. Do you attract enough leads? Explore brand awareness channels, like social media and SEO content, if not.

·        Continue with retention. Does your content retain your audiences’ attention? If not, you may need to focus more on web design and SEO-friendly content.

·        Conclude with conversion magnets. Do your landing pages and ads convert enough acquired leads? If not, you can focus your HVAC digital marketing efforts on CRO.

#10 Evaluate and adjust over time

Finally, and as a fitting conclusion, you should at all times remember that marketing is never a done deal. Depending on your marketing channels, employ relevant monitoring tools to ensure continued effectiveness.

·        For Hvac SEO, you can consider Google Analytics, website heat maps, and relevant third-party solutions you might use.

·        For PPC ads, you can monitor your PPC platforms’ internal analytics tools, as well as any third-party tools you might use.

·        Social media marketing can benefit from platforms’ built-in audience insights and analytics tools, social listening tools, and more.

In all cases, and no matter where HVAC digital marketing takes you, keep an eye on the tools at your disposal. Refer to your SMART goals, and use relevant KPIs to measure success at regular intervals.

HVAC Digital Marketing Agency

While brief, we hope the above tips helped inspire you on the way to marketing success and help you learn how to get more hvac leads to grow your business. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact us and see what our agency can do for you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Facebook Ads work for HVAC?

Yes, Facebook Ads when done right can be highly successful for HVAC marketing. Make sure you know your target audience, create well-crafted ads, and monitor your results to see what is working and what isn’t. With the right strategy in place, you can see great results from your Facebook Ads campaigns for HVAC.

What is HVAC SEO?

HVAC SEO refers to the process of optimizing your website and content to generate more organic traffic from search engines. When users perform a Google search for a term such as “Air conditioning contractors” or “HVAC company” they see organic searches and featured snippets, in addition to paid advertisements.

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