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  • Increase its local online visibility
  • Outrank its local competitors
  • Generate more organic website traffic
  • Increase sales quickly in your service area

Local visibility is THE MOST important thing if you hope to connect with your ideal customers quickly.

SUCCESS STORY: Jenkins Restorations


  • Over $12 Million made off a $5K Monthly Investment
  • Hundreds of New Projects Closed Every Month
  • More than 55,000 Monthly Website Users

2022 showed an increase of nearly 200% in closed projects through the website and 2023 is already on pace to beat that! The result has been record growth across the board in keywords, website impressions,  search traffic, website leads and calls, closed jobs and revenue. 

Google Local Search Results Explained

Within Local Search, the top priority is the Local 3-Pack. Why?

The Local 3-Pack has a 500% higher conversion rate compared to organic or paid conversions.


People are clicking on the Local 3-pack more than anything else by far!


The Local 3-Pack ranks in the #1 position for over 90% of Google Local searches. 


Local search results are divided into 4 sections (see image below).


To compete for traffic and quality leads, your business needs to show up in one or more of these. For best results, you need to be competing for all 4 sections!


In our FREE Local Audit we can see how your business performs while showing you the best opportunities to improve and grow quickly.

Superior Results

We get results that make your business a success.

We go beyond helping your business achieve your goals, you will dominate the competition and enjoy the highest returns you have ever seen. Exceeding your expectations with a state of the art customer-centric website, data driven and customer experience tested digital marketing campaigns, online reputation, social media and more.

Geo Grid Marketing

The Power of Location-Based Targeting.

Geo grid marketing is a targeted strategy that enables businesses to reach out to potential customers within a specific location. It uses a grid system, allowing marketers to tailor their campaigns according to clients’ preferences. With precise, measurable results, the approach is highly effective in driving leads and increasing ROI.

Increased Visibility:
Target specific areas with high foot traffic to increase visibility.

Greater Reach
Reach a larger audience by targeting more than one location at a time.

Reduced Costs
Minimize marketing spend by focusing only on relevant areas.

Precise Targeting: Reach the Right Audience

Geo grid marketing enables marketers to target specific areas within a city, such as highly populated streets, shopping malls, and other high-traffic locations. This precision targeting ensures that ads are shown to only interested parties, reducing marketing waste and increasing ROI.

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